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An affordable + compact pelletoven​

Livo is an affordable pelletoven ideal for first-home owners and small spaces. Two volumes are intentionally split to reduce footprint, separate pellet refill and minimise cost. While subtle detailing provides welcoming transitions and interchangeable ventilation plates offer customisation.      

Livo was completed while working at Austrian design consultancy KISKA for client RIKA. My role involved leading research, ideation, CAD development, mockups and deliverables for Rikas engineering team. While also receiving guidance and feedback from mentors and the team.

Split volumes

Livo has an output of 2.5-6kW and intended for small to medium sized spaces. The 20kg pellet hopper is separated from the body to humbly integrate into the ambiance of any living room.

Thoughtful construction 

Side casings are extruded with a welcoming profile and used on both sides to reduce cost. The top plate is die casted to soften transitions, integrate elements and create a sense of value. 

Adapt to your home 

Convection plates are interchangeable and allow users to customise Livo to suit their home. Each pattern is meticulously designed for optimal ventilation and performance.

selected ideation
concept development
ventilation detail
foam mockup
design for manufacture
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